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Marketing Management Certification

Marketing Management Certification

Earn your Professional Certified Marketer® (PCM®) Marketing Management certification to prove you have the knowledge across a broad spectrum of marketing topics, including:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Research and Data Analytics
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Customer Behavior and Segmentation
  • Product and Services Positioning
AMA Member $249
Non-AMA Member$349

Thousands of professionals trust this pioneer certification from the AMA. Passing the test to earn this certification is as flexible as your schedule but rigorous enough to prove you have the knowledge needed to advance your marketing career.

How To Earn Your Certification

This certification allows you to prepare in the best way that works best with your schedule and knowledge base. While there are preparation recommendations below, we do not require that individuals purchase or study from a specific source to be eligible for the exam.

1. Prepare & Study

    2. Take the Exam

    The online test comprises 150 multiple-choice questions and can take up to three hours to complete. You will receive an email with exam access information at the time of purchase. Learn more about the exam.

    Eligibility Requirements

    While there are no eligibility requirements at this time, we find that PCM® candidates have more success if they have the following minimum level of education or experience:

    • Bachelor’s degree and four years of professional marketing experience 
    • Master’s degree and two years of professional marketing experience
    • 7 years of professional marketing experience 

    Exam Details

    The online test is made up of multiple-choice questions. You’ll have three hours to complete it.

    To pass, you must receive an overall score ​of 80% or higher and it is not required that you achieve a specific score in each domain. You will receive your scores immediately after completing the exam, including a breakdown by domain.

    Your exam registration will include three attempts that must be completed within one year of enrollment. If you are unsuccessful in passing the exam, you must wait for a minimum of 15 days between exam attempts.

    Exam Preparation

    Have You Already Passed the PCM® Exam?

    Passing the PCM® exam is a big accomplishment! Now it’s time to promote and maintain your certification. Share the news and make sure to keep your certification up-to-date.


    No problem. We realize it’s a big commitment to become a PCM® in Marketing Management. Check out our FAQ page or email us at