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Training for Marketing

Marketers have the power to change minds, improve lives and impact the world for good. But, the pace of change in marketing moves fast. That’s why the AMA is a community dedicated to helping marketers gain the skills and connections they need to stay ahead and advance their careers.


Training Built for Marketers on the Move

Backed by exclusive research, AMA Training is built to equip you with the right skills to advance your career. We developed the AMA Marketing Skills Framework to show the essential skills for marketers and teams in a rapidly-changing marketplace. Plus, AMA Training is led by our vetted group of subject-matter experts.

Upcoming Training

How Do You Prefer to Learn?


Don’t let your busy schedule get in the way of your career goals. AMA On-Demand training is always on and ready to help you fine-tune your skills and find new tactics to make an impact at work.

Live In-Person

When you’re a marketer on the move, you need not only the latest skills but also the connection to peers who are ready to help spark new ideas to thrive at work. AMA in-person training will equip you with new ways of thinking while allowing you to work through challenges collaboratively.

Live Online

The power of live instruction with the convenience of no travel. Online learning from the AMA connects you with knowledgeable instructors ready to help you solve challenges and gain a new perspective on how you can make an impact with your work.

Show Employers You’re at the Forefront of Marketing

AMA Certificates

You’ll take a deep dive into a specific topic through self-paced training giving you new knowledge and tactics to stand out from your peers. Plus, you’ll get proof of your dedication with a certificate of completion that shows you’re serious about making the most of your career.

AMA Professional Certified Marketer®

Prove your expertise to employers and differentiate yourself from peers by becoming a Professional Certified Marketer® (PCM®). Our self-paced, online programs are as flexible as your schedule but rigorous enough to show you have stand-out knowledge to solve modern marketing challenges.

Free and Travel-Free

Virtual Conferences

When strategies change and the market shifts, marketers on the move need the right tools to stay ahead. AMA Virtual Conferences let you gain insight from leaders in the industry to understand the latest trends and the tools needed to make an impact. Free and convenient, these events are an easy way to refresh your skills without tapping your professional development budget.


Quick, insightful and easy to fit into your busy schedule. AMA Webinars connect you to industry thought leaders who understand what’s happening in the marketplace and which tools are needed to stay ahead. You’re knowledge will grow and so will your impact.