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AMA Strategic Partnerships

AMA Strategic Partnerships

Help us serve the essential community for marketers!

If you are in the business of creating quality content, products or services aimed at helping marketers achieve success, we want to work with you.

You’ll get access to one of the largest communities of marketers in the nation, showcasing your learning products to over 200,000 engaged users.

In return, you’ll help us meet our goals of delivering best-in-class toolkits, learning experiences, products and professional services to help our members and customers advance their careers.

  • Access to one of the largest communities of marketers in the nation at over 200,000 engaged users
  • New revenue opportunities as you help AMA grow its catalog of offerings
  • Give back to the marketing community by providing marketers with the knowledge and tools they need to grow

  • AMA’s stamp of approval, demonstrating you meet the educational standard for professional marketing practitioners
  • Showcase related services and products to our members via perks and discounts
  • Incubate ideas through our proven Design Thinking approach and get access to our research on marketers’ unmet needs

Training and Certifications

Provide experienced marketing practitioners and leaders with a way to demonstrate their proficiency with live and on-demand training or certification exams.

Case Studies and Toolkits

Give AMA members access to case studies, articles, white papers and toolkits to accompany key concepts, enabling a practical application of new knowledge.

Skill Development

Help marketing practitioners level up by offering skill-based educational content vetted and approved by our team of industry and learning professionals.

Want to work with us, but unsure how? We have a process for that!

Using innovative techniques and approaches, we can help design mutually beneficial partnerships to enable learning, growth, and success of an initiative.

Through design workshops, strategy sessions, and ideation activities, we can collaborate on solutions to help marketers make the world a better place.

Have a conversation with 300+ marketers interested in hearing about what you do.

Captivate them for 60 minutes and engage in live Q&A, all facilitated by our in-house team.

Sponsored Content
Featured on the AMA homepage alongside our own marketing content.

Our own in-house editorial team will help polish your content to make it resonate with our audience.

My AMA Daily Newsletter
Our AI-powered newsletter curates content for each user based on their interests, giving us unique insight into our readers.

Above industry standard open and click through rates.

And More
We also offer event sponsorship, premiere partnerships, white papers, sponsored emails, virtual conferences, banner ads, social media promotion, topic sponsorship, toolkit sponsorship, classifieds advertising and more

Our Process

The AMA engages in frequent collaborative design-thinking activities. These ongoing activities ensure we are effectively identifying and meeting the needs of our members and customers. We thrive on our values: curious, courageous, joyous, grateful, customer-centric and stakeholder-sensitive. We are also looking for partners who share these values and embody a similar enthusiasm for ideas and innovation.

  • Once you complete the form below, we may ask for a submission of materials to review.
  • Our volunteer committee of industry and learning professionals will review your materials.
  • If your materials meet our needs, we will then contact you for an initial ideation session to explore potential partnership opportunities.

Our Standards and Framework

The AMA is in the process of developing learning pathways for the marketing generalist, the marketing specialist and the marketing leader. Each of these pathways will have associated content that lead to some demonstration of knowledge in the form of a certification or credential. Each pathway will also be supported with acknowledgement of continued learning and growth.

AMA Editorial Guidelines

Strategic Partnership Request

If you are interested in partnering with AMA on educational content, sponsorship, or other innovative offerings, tell us about yourself here.

    Please select as many as are applicable.
  • AMA Editorial Guidelines